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    ALEXANDRIA II is the construction of a dream. It is the invisible city built as the realm of the gods in the woods. It is the amphitheater built for our intoxicating passions, the cult of its own essence, the crossroads of rites that celebrate wealth as their religion. It is the incense that burns in the dark like eyes full of passion. A love letter as long as he can fill an entire library. It is the intimacy of a blooming rose, the missing half of the apple, the gentle power of the cedar, the lethal temptation of the lily of the valley. It is a river of passion that flows in the middle of a city. The mature Cambodian old reaches the nose like a queen enters the court; announced by the ringing of the gong, its track more precious than gold. Welcome to Alexandria: the most beautiful siege in history.
    TOP: apple, cinnamon, rosewood, lavender
    HEART: cedar, lily of the valley, rose
    BASE: amber, sandalwood, old, musk, vanilla

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